Solar Light Installation guidelines

3 Easy Steps to Install Solar Lights

You can easily install LED 212 solar lights at home. Just take out the light from the box and use attached 2 screws and anchors to install. Don’t try to setup the mode during day time as the light won’t response during day time. Go back to the light after dusk to setup your desire mode.

This light has 3 modes:

Mode 1: light stays dark, turns on with full blast with any sorts of motion for 30 seconds

Mode 2: light stays dim, turns on with full blast with motion for 30 seconds. Then goes back to dim mode again

Mode 3: light is Constantly on with 50% strength, no motion sensor 

When you are done installing, press the little switch (switch is under/beside the big round motion sensor) gently 1, 2 & 3 times to set your desired mode for the light.

Press the switch one time to set mode 1, press 2 times for mode 2, press 3 times to set mode 3 and press 4 consecutive times to turn off the light.