BigM Solar Commercial Projects -Objective to Light up Off-grid areas

Image of a BigM solar commercial projects - BigM 400W Solar street Lights are installed on a rural country road at Alberta. This project is arranged by Cartwright Roblin municipality. They have installed total 20 units of lights to start with, ordering more for next project.


We have carried out 1000 plus commercial solar lighting projects across Canada. We have been working closely with several municipalities, townships, CN rail projects, electricians, individual small and large business projects. Our project objectives were to light up off-grid country roads, parks, playgrounds, community walkways, cycling paths on the trails, construction sites, skating rinks, basketball courts, tennis courts, parking lots, farms, resorts, cottages, driveways. 
BigM solar lights are built and designed to survive Canadian extreme winter conditions. 

Solar lights are easy way to illuminate large areas like parking lots, parks, playgrounds, campgrounds, farms, streets, off-grid areas, islands at a least investment. The new generation solar street lights are more compact, lightweight and less expensive. As a result communities around are increasingly switching to all-in-one integrated solar street lights to replace energy intensive expensive electric lighting.


Compact design and easy installation is the primary reason for all-in-one solar street light fixtures growing popularity


BigM has become a trusted partner in numerous projects across Canada to light up large outdoor facilities such as commercial buildings, parking lots, playgrounds, ice skating rinks, race tracks, horse training grounds, farms, parks, off-grid streets, areas.



Image of another BigM solar commercial projects at Markham, Ontario. BigM 500w, 700w and 900w solar lights are installed at the exterior of a commercial building




Video Image of another BigM solar commercial projects at Markham, Ontario


Image of another BigM solar commercial projects at Nova Scotia, Canada. BigM 400w solar street lights are installed in a horse riding training ground. Photo courtesy-BigM customer from Nova Scotia



Image of BigM solar commercial projects at Niagra region, Ontario. A BigM 300w solar street light is installed on the driveway of a farm. Photo courtesy-BigM customer from Niagrafalls




Image of BigM another solar commercial projects at Whitby, Ontario.  BigM 200w and 300w solar street light are installed in a large commercial parking lots. Photo courtesy-BigM customer 


 Image of BigM solar commercial projects at Ajax, Ontario. A BigM 300w solar street light is installed on the pathway of a farm. Photo courtesy -BigM customer from Ajax

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